“I have worked with numerous medical staffing recruitment professionals and have never had the pleasure of working with anyone more consistently effective than Nahry Minars. Her professionalism, responsiveness, attention to detail and ability to develop personal connections and trusted relationships with both stakeholders and candidates are second to none. Nahry’ s ability to deliver top-flight candidates in a full continuum of specialties has been integral to our organizations success and growth over the past 4 years. I would wholeheartedly endorse and recommend her services to all of my colleagues.” .

Tom, Hospital President

Our hospital has worked with Nahry Minars for 5 years. Nahry knows our market, understands our needs, quirks, etc…and manages our searches professionally. Nahry has actually visited us, knows our community and our health system. She represents us as if she actually worked for us in our department as a fellow recruiter. I would recommend Nahry without hesitation and with much enthusiasm.

Lynn, Director of Recruitment for Large Hospital System

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Nahry Minars to be your physician recruiter. She was very resourceful in my transition from Texas to Indiana. She helped me find my dream job. She was very caring and supportive throughout the recruitment process. She provided me a balance view of the practice I joined and coordinated my travel arrangements. Nahry went above and beyond by helping transition my family to our new city, including helping me find schools for my kids.

Dr. N Ob/Gyn

Nahry is great! She is always available and very enthusiastic. She provided me a variety of job opportunities in my ideal area and assisted me with every step along the way. Her knowledge of the practice and the personnel helped me to find the best fit for me. I am so grateful to have worked with her.

Dr. W Ob/Gyn

ProMedical Staffing was a great resource for me.  I am a family medicine physician who already had three offers from reputable hospitals in the area.  I needed someone to help me think through what was important for me, and how best to choose the right hospital system.  She listened to my concerns and helped navigate the negotiating process.  Nahry helped me to get the most out of my contract.  I look back, confident in what I achieved, and I thank Nahry for helping me through that stressful period.  I would recommend her to any physician who needs support with any part of the job hunting process.

Dr. G Family Practice

I found Nahry to be a great help in my recruitment process.  She kept me informed but was not overbearing or demanding of my time.  She gave me great advice on the region and the hospital system I was interviewing for.  I found her presentation of the community and the hospital to be accurate and everything I expected and nothing I didn’t expect.  I felt she did an excellent job matching me and my wishes to the opportunity I chose.;

Dr. C Plastic Surgeon

I have been thoroughly impressed by the caliber of candidates sourced by Pro Medical Staffing.  Nahry Minars is always responsive to our needs and does an excellent job keeping us apprised on the status of candidate searches.

Nick, Executive Director of Operations

Nick, Executive Director of Operations

Nahry gives selflessly to every search.

Tom, Director of Recruitment for large Midwest Hospital System